Shows & Events

2015 TVR Show Dates…..
May 30
June 6
July 18
July 25
August 22
August 29
Rain Date September 12

Other dates to write down (none of these are TVR Point shows)
August 8 is an MWHS show at our fairgrounds, hosted by TVR and MWHS
September 27 is the Thorndale Fair show, hosted by TVR and the Thorndale Fair Board
Sunday July 19 is the TVR Youth Fun Show

More information to come later for all of these shows, but we wanted you to keep these dates open!

Belts are optional for speed events only
NO RUNNING IN THE GATE will be permitted

Thames Valley Riders 2015 Class List

Main Ring # 1 – 9:00 am
16 Sr Barrels
17 Jr A Barrels
18 Jr B Barrels
19 Jr B Assist Barrels
20 Sr Flag
21 Jr A Flag
22 Jr B Flag
23 Jr B Assist Flag
24 Sr Keyhole
25 Jr A Keyhole
26 Jr B Keyhole
27 Sr Horsemanship
28 Jr A Horsemanship
29 Sr Polebending
30 Jr A Polebending
31 Jr B Polebending
32 Sr Western Pleasure
33 Jr A Western Pleasure
34 Sr Texas Speed & Action
35 Jr A Texas Speed & Action
36 Jr B Texas Speed & Action
37 Reining

Small Ring # 2 – 9:00 am
1 Jr B Showmanship
2 Jr A Showmanship
3 Sr Showmanship
4 Lead Line
5 Jr B Western Equitation
6 Jr B Western Pleasure
7 Walk-Jog/Trot on a Horse *
8 Walk-Jog/Trot on a Pony *
9 Beginner Horsemanship *
* (Beginner competitors in classes 7,8 & 9 can also
compete in Showmanship, but no other classes)
10 a) Sr English Pleasure on a Horse
10 b) Jr A English Pleasure on a Horse
11 English Equitation on a Horse
(Classes 10a, 10b & 11 are floating classes to
be fit in amongst speed events in the main ring)
12 English Equitation on a Pony
13, 14 & 15 – Sr, Jr A & Jr B Trail
(all 3 Trail divisions held in conjunction)

“Prize Money for All Classes!
3D Barrels or 3D Poles will be held in conjunction
with regular Barrels and Poles at many
of the TVR club shows!”

“Note: It may be necessary at times to hold the
show for riders who are showing in both rings.”

Lunch Break will take place after the class ending
closest to noon. The main ring will then be open for riding.

Fees (per class)
Sr: $4. Jr A: $3. Jr B: $2.
* Additional $3. Office Fee for each
rider & horse/pony combination”

“Volunteers Needed!
Extra help is always welcome & appreciated!
Please see the announcement booth for direction”

Belts are optional for speed events only.
NO RUNNING IN THE GATE will be permitted!”

“Pre Show Contacts for Cancellations

Facebook Group: Thames Valley Riders
Bill Austin: 519-902-2592
(after 6am on show morning)